Symbols & Signs




Our Creed:

Love, Labor, Leaning and Loyalty

Open Motto:
Founded Upon A Rock
Connect. Impact. Shine.

Flower: Pink Carnation


In 1888, the carnation became the offical sorority flower; pink was designated its offical color in 1950. It also has the distinction of being the longest lasting flower.



Sorority Colors: Brown & Mode (Light & Dark Brown)

Originally Gamma Phi Beta's colors were light and dark blue, but in 1875, the Sorority changed them to light and dark brown to honor Dr. J. J. Brown, who had lent his study to Gamma Phi Beta for their meetings. Because of the pink carnation, shades of pink and brown are now used sorority-wide.




Member's Badge:


Designed by Tiffany & Co. and voted "Most Beautiful Badge".



Sorority Crest:


May only be used by initiated members on jewelry, stationary or other personal items.



Sorority Symbol: The Crescent Moon



Sorority Jewelry: The Pearl